Review 9

The week of March 31st I worked on finishing out my Bookstore. I met with my group members and Elizabeth to discuss my work. The feedback that I received was mostly about my millwork. There were small things that I needed to fix in each of my drawings. I have also been working on my project book and Master Specs. It is time consuming and tedious, but it is getting done.


Review 8

The week of March 24th I began to finish out my Café. I worked on the Millwork, elevations, finishes, and furniture.

Review 7

The week of March 10th we worked on putting our boards and construction document layouts together. I figured out how many boards I was going to need and how many construction document pages I am going to need. I continued to work on my millwork and fix small details in my floor plan. Everyday I find something else in my floor plan that I did wrong. After spring break we will be working on finishing out each part of our Capstone project one week at a time.