Review 6

During the week of March 3rd I worked on finalizing my designs and beginning millwork. On Monday my group members gave me some great feedback on my design details. Elizabeth gave me feedback for my millwork and elevations. There were some elevations drawn that I did not need because they were going to be shown in perspective. I picked out more of my furniture and started really deciding on colors and fabrics that I wanted in my building. It is hard finding furniture and design that will go with my Dr. Seuss theme. I am having to do a lot of custom designs such as bookshelves and play equipment.

Daycare Bookcases:

daycare bookshelves

daycare bookshelf


Review 5

The week of Feb. 24 we worked on sections and volumetric design as well as refining FF&E, floor plans, and elevations. I started working on what parts of my project I wanted to show the most. Trying to decide what I wanted to show as perspectives and what I wanted to show as elevations was the hardest part. I found some fun lighting that I wanted to incorporate in each of my sections as a focal light. I need to refine my section most of all and fix a few small things in my floor plan.

Daycare Lighting:

daycare lighting

Café Lighting:

Cafe lighting

Bookstore Lighting:

Bookstore lighting