Precedent Studies

Last week we focused on precedent studies for our project. I struggled to find daycares that would let me inside to see their design and layout. I ended up using my experience at working at a preschool, and information from a friend whose parents own a daycare in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Neither of the daycares were exactly what I was thinking about for mine. I want mine to be creative, fun, organized, and a place where the children enjoy coming. The daycare I looked at was older, needed to be updated, and was not very clean. These precedent studies showed me not only what I want to incorporate in my daycare, but also what I do not want in my daycare.

This week my main focus is program analysis. I will be digging deeper and looking more into detail what all is needed for each of my spaces. This is where I will figure out how much information I really have and what I need to look more into. I have found some fun ideas from a home daycare. They divided one large room into different themes and sections. There is a small, play grocery store, jail, and houses as well as a stage and a park.

Daycare ideas 3  Daycare ideas

Daycare ideas 2


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