This week I worked on researching the three spaces I chose for my Capstone project. I struggled on finding sites at the beginning, but by the end I had found some very interesting articles. Some of my favorites were the ones that showed pictures of a current bookstore. There are so many interesting ways to display books and create circulation. One of my favorite articles was “The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.” They ranged from bookstores that were very traditional and ornamental, to outdoor bookstores. The shelving would be located in stairs, three story walls, or the balcony of an old theater. The rest of this week I will be working on precedent studies. I will be visiting a bookstore, daycare, and cafe in Norman, and then researching others online. This will help me figure out details that are necessary for me to start this project.


Capstone Project Introduction

For my Capstone Project I chose to design a Daycare, Bookstore, and a Cafe. When decided what I wanted to design I thought about what kind of project I want to do when I am out of college and finding a job. I am very passionate about children and would love to design schools, gyms, and daycares. With the amount of space we were given I chose to design a Daycare. The Bookstore and Cafe are other spaces that I am interested in designing.
I decided to design my project in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Downtown Tulsa in transforming into an area for shopping, dining, and some living. The building I will be using is the new Philbrook Museum of Art expansion. It is across from the Guthrie Greens and near the ONEOK baseball field. This building is 30,000 square feet and three stories.

guthrie greensphilbrook